Our Roots



Pass Da R.O.C.K. was established in early 1998 as a means to reach inner-city youth in Los Angeles with a positive message in a non-threatening environment. In 2001, the highly successful format of its west coast counterpart was brought to Syracuse, New York with the goal of urban outreach.

our monthly event



It all started with a monthly event that provided free food & open basketball runs. These events were open to anyone over the age of 13. This same core value continues but has evolved into so much more.  Our monthly events are now focused on middle and high school students and also include giveaways. This event is an on ramp to getting involved in our other programs. This monthly event also allows volunteers the opportunity to connect with & mentor students in a safe non-threatening environment.
In addition to monthly events, we hold regular outings including sporting events, movies, overnight camps, college visits, and city trips that give students a chance to get out of their typical routines. We also have a travel basketball team for a select group of players to compete regionally. The relationships built through community outreach allow us to have a deeper impact in students' lives.

expanding our reach

Mentoring the

playing field

Our partnership with the Syracuse City School District allows us to have a daily presence in schools by providing student/staff support and positively influencing school culture. We have the opportunity to redefine students' realities by improving behavior, attendance, & grades through restorative practices & incentive-based mentoring. The relationships built in the community are reinforced and make a larger impact as participants are mentored in the schools.

At our core


& Opportunity

Our participants experience community, empowerment & transformation through the Life Empowerment Program and the Pass The Present Event. The Life Empowerment Program provides the opportunity for the development of life & career skills which gives participants a sense of purpose and achievement. The Pass The Present Event recognizes student achievement and rewards them with the opportunity to experience the joy of giving.

Redefine realities

For the future

We want our participants to experience hope through opportunities and experiences they would not otherwise have. These events allow our volunteers the opportunity to build strong relationships with our participants and be a positive influence in their lives.

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