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Thanks to our friends at Lamar I was able to take a couple of our boys to the game.

The Winning Foursome
David Eilers, Peter Derrenbacker, Jim Shields, Johnathan Snow

Men’s Longest Drive
Don Doerr

Men’s Closest to Pin
David Eilers

Women’s Longest Drive
Lisa McKenney

Women’s Closest to Pin
Kathy Schreiber

The One & Done Tournament is always one of the most challenging feats for any Pass ‘Da R.O.C.K. baller to conquer, but this year’s tournament provide an additional obstacle in dealing with a slippery court surface caused by the intense humidity. That humid August air was also thick with tension as by the end of the day players fought like heavy weights picking themselves up from the canvas following daring drives to the basket. In the end two new Champions claimed their place among the One & Done’s enshrined survivors.

Utica Select, from the Young Gun division, escaped a double overtime opening round thrill ride with Ball for Your Life (Harlem). Then in the semifinals they again spent most the game going back and forth with T.N.T. before pulling away and protecting their slim lead. Against Bless Ballers they showed great endurance and execution to defeat a very evenly matched opponent.

The Elite division saw equally competitive play. T.N.T. began the day with first round battle royal with Prestige Elite that was decided in the last minute by free throws and key rebounds. T.N.T. then controlled their semifinal match against Monie All Stars. T.N.T. also benefited from the hardest fought game and biggest upset of the tournament as Bless Ballers defeated Top of the Line in a contest marked by slips and falls with intense play all around. Blessed Ballers came close to reenacting their scrappy end game magic, but T.N.T. prevailed with a two point victory to claim their place as well on the pedestal of endurance.

2011 marked another year of growth for PDR’s One and Done Tournament that promises to bring much more drama and excitement with next years installment.

See all the pictures. Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

One & Done Tourney

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